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Primary Care Centre

Thank you to all patients who attended either of our “drop in” events, held at the Waterlooville Community Hall and the Waterlooville Fete, to view the proposed building display boards and meet the design and development team. We have received lots of excellent feedback.

As explained to many who attended, the proposal has not been approved by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) yet, and we would like to include patient liaison to support our business case to them. We know that approximately 15 applications will be received by the CCG and they will only “approve” 5. We passionately believe that this Waterlooville opportunity will only come around once in a generation and that many of the factors are lined up for us to make this as successful as possible. We will be focusing hard on instigating and negotiating for new public transport routes to the proposed site, as we are very conscious that these are required.

We have summarised the questions many of you have asked over this liaison period . We apologise that we are unable to answer you all individually but hope that the Q&As provide some clarity.

The Business Case is now being finalised for submission, and we look forward to updating you all following the Clinical Commissioning Group committee meetings in October.

Last updated 03/09/2019.

Over the years, the Vine Medical Group has formed to provide the best possible service in Waterlooville. This has involved practice mergers with Stakes Lodge and Waterbrook Surgeries over the years to support smaller facilities. As a result, we are now currently based in four, older style buildings which are now too small and outdated for our needs when considering the confirmed growth in population locally. We are therefore excited to share with you our proposals for replacing these with a new, integrated primary care centre offering care for our patients and bringing other services together for the whole Waterlooville population.

The proposal provides for a new, 2,500 sqm integrated healthcare facility for Waterlooville comprising;

  • 1,960 sqm – Vine Medical Group Accommodation
  • 430 sqm – Community Service Accommodation, to be delivered by Southern Health NHS FT and Solent NHS Trust.
  • 120 sqm – Community Pharmacy

It is of enormous importance to the practice, and as a consequence those who we serve, that we develop new premises to take the provision of care within the Waterlooville area forward over the generations to come.

The proposed location (having considered many) is a site on Kentidge Street, located within the Berewood Estate, Waterlooville. Important characteristics of this site include;

  • A site, easily accessible to our entire patient catchment area.
  • A 2 acre vacant site being available for development within Waterlooville, capable of further expansion.
  • Good transport links to the rest of the town. Infrastructure for bus routes has been established, with routes to be agreed supported by significant s.106 contributions by the housing developers. 1 route is already established to Denmead. The original travel plan which Grainger PLC has confirmed is to be implemented also shows 2 further routes linking to the wider Waterlooville.
  • Significant s.106 contributions being available from the housing developers towards the health centre.

  • An opportunity for Waterlooville to completely modernise and futureproof healthcare facilities for over 27,500 patients. The new building will be fully accessible for disabled patients with lift access to all floors. It will meet all the current clinical, infection control and environmental standards required for NHS healthcare premises.
  • Waterlooville is a Major Development Area. There are 3,539 new homes currently in receipt of planning permission locally (or 8,139 patients assuming 2.3 patients per dwelling) before any other developments proposed in Waterlooville. We need to significantly improve infrastructure to manage this properly.
  • Practice efficiencies. Co-location creates a more stable service, giving us the opportunity to remodel ways of working, promoting new models of care and ultimately providing a better service to the patients. It will enable Vine Medical Group to provide a wider range of clinical services to our patients, in a primary care setting within the local community.
  • Improved co-ordinated and joined-up care through proximity to other important healthcare professionals. This proposal is supported by both Solent NHS Trust and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust in relocating Community Services for Waterlooville to the new centre. Currently physiotherapy, dentistry, health visitors, midwives and community nurses are some of the services offered by these employers.
  • The Vine Medical Group already operates a Same Day Care service at its Health Centre Milton Road site, with GPs, Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Paramedics employed by the practice to deliver the service each weekday. This Practice-initiated service proves highly popular with patients and will be expanded at the new centre with a dedicated area of the new building that can also offer out-of-hours services open until 10~30 pm some weekdays and at weekends.
  • Improving referrals to secondary care clinics with increased use of “in-house” sub-specialists (current areas of expertise that are currently underutilised include management of Diabetes, Gynaecology and Women’s Health, Dermatology, Musculoskeletal medicine including joint injections, Minor Surgical procedures, Paediatrics, ENT and Ophthalmology).
  • Teaching and training will also be augmented, for doctors, nurses, pharmacist and paramedic training, measured by having more trainees, including GP Registrars on site at any one time. There is a growth requirement to increase our uptake of students as more clinical roles are introduced by the government.
  • Waterlooville Health Centre is designated as 1 of 5 key Out of Hours Access Hubs for both Fareham and Gosport and South Eastern Hampshire CCG’s. This will be centralised within this proposal.
  • Delivers a project that is listed within the South Eastern Hampshire CCG Strategic Estates Plan 2015.
  • Affordability. The project takes advantage of significant community contributions from the housing developers at Berewood towards the project.

It will enable the Doctors at Vine Medical Group to reorganise their health system locally, and ultimately, provide the patients with an improved, more comprehensive service.

The Outline Planning Permission for the Berewood provides a detailed travel proposal for linking the new estate into Waterlooville. This will include;

  • New Walking Routes and Cycle Paths, with multiple crossing points to the Town Centre and surrounding areas.
  • Bus services to be re-routed, servicing the wider Waterlooville population. This is being worked on at the moment, as clearly it is an important requirement for the proposal. Infrastructure has already been installed within the Berewood estate in anticipation of this.
  • A new 112 space car park solely servicing the proposed centre.

Staffing numbers are determined by the number of patients we have registered with us. With an increasing population locally, we anticipate that our list size will grow gradually leading to more GPs and staff in time. There will be immediate improvements to services, once we are all in one building, for example staffing 4 x reception desks as opposed to 1. The team answering your telephone calls will be increased, as a result. There will also be many benefits to being under 1 roof for the clinical and administration teams. Systems can be slicker as communication and peer support becomes much easier. Continuity of care will improve for many patients, whether that is with a GP, Pharmacist, Nurse, Health Care Assistant or Paramedic, with only one site to attend. There will be no confusion regarding the site you need to attend for you care.

We will be carrying out minor surgery procedures, for example joint injections and coil clinics, and welcome discussions with any private providers who many wish to set up a clinic in the building. Basic x-ray facilities will not be provided, as we have been advised that the population size of Waterlooville & proximity to other services does not currently warrant this.

Yes, we are engaged fully to facilitate this. Proposed hours are 18:30 – 22:30 some weekdays and 08:00 – 22:30 Saturday and Sunday.

The move will not affect Vine Medical Group budgets. If approved we will work with a developer partner, who will consult closely with us, plan & build the new premises. Vine Medical Group will become tenants in the new building, with rental rates being fixed by an NHS valuer. Existing premises will be released for sale / redevelopment.

We are aiming to submit the business case to the NHS for consideration/approval in September 2019. Following this, we are aiming for Planning and wider project documentation to complete for December 2019, with construction commencing Q1 2020 and completion Q2/Q3 2021.

It is important for the proposal to demonstrate wider support for this important and required upgrade to local infrastructure.

We have held one patient drop-in event which was extremely well attended (thank you very much for your support and comments), and are planning a further event shortly. This will be another drop-in session, and a further opportunity to view the proposals and speak with the practice and project managers about the venture. This will be announced shortly and we would be delighted to meet with you and hear your thoughts.

There are also patient leaflets within the practices which have a section for comments on the rear. Please do fill these out and pass back to us by 31 August 2019.

We very much hope you will support us in improving services for all of Waterlooville.

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