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Online Services

Book and cancel appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view test result and look at part of your GP records.

Did you know you don’t have to wait on the phone to speak to us? Just like online banking, you can look at your GP records on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, using a website or an app. You can choose to:

  • View test results (including blood test results)
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Book and cancel appointments
  • Securely view your GP medical record

...and more.

Online services are free to use and are just another way of contacting us. You can still ring us or go to any of our sites in person like you do now, but having online services set up can save you, and us, critical time and energy.

We partner with a number of approved and fully secure third party service providers who are able to communicate directly with our computer systems in order to allow you to use online services. The include:

Available Online Appointments

Click here to view a list and description of online appointments available to book.

Your information is secure

Your details and information are protected by the highest standards of online security, so all you need to worry about is what to do with the spare time you've earnt.

More than half of GP practices are connected to online services with more joining every day. Register today to benefit from a faster, smarter way to manage your healthcare.

What if I forget my password?

If you lose or forget your login details, simply follow the instructions on the app or website you are using.

If this does not work, simply contact us by phone or at reception and we can re-issue you with what we call a PIN document. However, this will require you to go through the set up process again as your previous account will be closed for security reasons.

How to sign-up for online services

It is not hard to start using online services. You will need to verify who you are to make sure you only see your record and not someone else's. Just like your bank or the post office when you pick up a parcel, we want to protect your records from people who are not allowed to see them. The steps below explain how this works.

  1. Download the free NHS App, or tell us you would like to start using online services. This can be by phone, at reception or in a consultation.
  2. If you are using the NHS App, you can follow the instructions to self-verify your identity. If you are using another service, we will need check you are who you say you are. We will do this in one of three ways:
    1. Photo ID and proof of address, for example, a passport or driving licence and a bank statement or council tax statement.
    2. If you do not have any ID and are well known to us, a member of staff may be able to confirm your identity.
    3. If you do not have any ID and are not well known to us, we may ask you questions about the information in your GP record to confirm the record is really yours.
  3. If you are using the NHS App, your account will be active within 2 hours. If you are using another service, we will then give or email you a PIN document which you will need to complete online at home. It will also tell you about the websites where you can login and start using online services.

It's that simple!

What's more, if you need help or assistance, we have trained staff available to guide you through the process.

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